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Aghnu Soren :
a small farmer of Parbad tola of Chanoro village has a big family to look after. He lived in a small house with his wife, 3 daughters and his only son. It was very difficult for him to feed his whole family from his own production. He was able to generate eight months food security from his own cultivation and used to go as daily wage labor to earn for his livelihood. He was unable to cultivate in his whole cultivable land as he and his wife were the only one who could have worked in the field. Their economic condition was as such, that they could not afford new cloths during festivals as others’ do. His children went to government school for education but due to illness they were unable to attend the school most of the time. Heavy expenses on medical treatment and medicine affected their economic condition very seriously, this increased the spiral effect of poverty in their family and Aghnu had to borrow money from money lenders at high rate of interest. In the year 2010 his wife Mrs. Lilmuni Hansda came to know about SUPPORT and its programmes. Then with the help of SUPPORT staff she gathered other women in the village and formed SHG. They named it ‘Laxmi Mahila Vikas Sangh. During initial period all the members of this SHG used to have regular weekly meeting and also collected Rs. 5 per member every week as their weekly saving in the SHG. This money collected was later used for lending among them during the time of need. After few months Mr. Aghnu’s land was being selected for construction of pond under the project MADA proto type through SUPPORT. After construction of pond he started fishery with the help of SUPPORT. Fingerling were being provided to him through the NGO, he took good care of the provided fingerlings and also maintained the pond very well. In the 1st year he was able to catch 1.25 quintal of fishes from his pond which he sold @ Rs. 150 and was able to generate Rs. 22,500. With time amount catch increased and got above 1.5 quintal. Then he also started cultivation of paddy through SRI method and now he is able to generate enough food grains for whole year and he is also able to grow vegetables near the pond during rabi season as he has got perennial source of water for his cultivation. Now he has returned the entire borrower loan which he had taken for his children’s medical treatment and now he doesn’t have to go back to the money lenders for asking money as he gets loan from SHG when needed. Now his children are well fed and do not get ill easily so they are also able to give more attention in their studies. Now his economic condition is as good as big farmer and people know him as progressive farmer.

Devanti Devi an inspiration for rural women :
Mrs. Devanti Devi lives at Kaluwatand Tola of Khapia Village with her Husband Mr. Talo Soren and their 4 children. It was very difficult for her to feed her whole family from her own production. She was able to generate seven months food security from her own cultivation and used to go as daily wage labor with her husband to earn for their livelihood. During the season of low demand for labor in the market they faced financial problem and borrowed money from money lender at high interest rate. In the year 2007 she came to know about SUPPORT and its developmental programmes. She organized other women in the tola and formed a SHG with the name ‘Jaher Aayo Mahila Vikas Sangh’. Initially the used to deposit Rs. 5 as their weekly savings in the SHG and started inter loaning at very low interest rate of 2%. These small savings helped her to build capital for future investment. In the year 2013 she started piggery with the help of SUPPORT. SUPPORT has provided her 1 pair piglets, cement for concretization of the floor, concentrated feed for better growth of piglets and veterinary support for treatment of piglets. She took good care of both piglets, managed the shed very well and provided plenty full of feed. After 1 year the saw weaned 11 piglets and after selling them Devanti Devi have earned Rs. 22000/-, she will make Rs. 30000- 40000/- every year from this enterprise. Now she has returned the entire borrower loan which she had taken for her children’s medical treatment and now he doesn’t have to go back to the money lenders for asking money as she gets loan from SHG when needed. Now her economic condition is as good as big farmer and people know her as progressive farmer. She thanks SUPPORT for its continuous support to change her life saying “SUPPORT hamko aage badhne ka rasta dikhaya aur bahut madad kiya, mere jivan mein badlao lane ke liye SUPPORT ko dhanyawad dete hain”. SUPPORT recognizes her effort and zeal to become a successful woman and set an example for others. SUPPORT wishes her congratulations and all the best for her bright future.

Jogwa Manjhi, Small help can bring great changes in lives :
son of late Baku Manjhi used to live with his wife Surji Manjhi, seven daughters and a son in Kalwatand tola of Khapiya village, Dadi block, Hazaribag was having difficulty in earning enough for his family. His only source of income was through cultivation of his small piece of cultivable land. SUPPORT had started work in the area and in year 2000 Jagwa associated himself with the organization. Though he had many ber trees he was unable to make much use of his trees due to lack of technical knowledge but after he joined connected him with the organization, the organization gave him training on lac cultivation and he started to do lac cultivation in the same year. In the year 2012-13 he used 4 kg of brood lac on his 10 Ber trees and was able to harvest 80-85 kg, which he sold at Rs. 120-140 per kg Then in year 2006 the organization also helped him with pig rearing. Though even before that he had pigs but he didn’t used to rearing them for commercial purpose. Now he has got improved variety of pigs (T&D). He earned from his pig rearing about Rs.15000 to 20000 in the year 2012-2013 and even after that he has got livestock asset of more than Rs. 30000. His wife has also associated herself with the organization by joining in SHG (Santhali Mahila Vikas Sangh) in Nov. 2007. His yearly turnover is more than Rs. 55,000. Now his family is able to generate more income and even save enough money for future use. He no longer now goes to moneylenders for asking money. He gets loan from the SHG his wife has joined that to at much low interest rate than the moneylenders.

Daso Marandi,Parlatheya- towards a new change through Tomato Cultivation :
Par latheya is a tola of Rikwa village of Dadi Block situated on the bank of a small stream which divides Dadi and Barkagaon blocks. Santhal tribes are main residents of this tola 56 out of 63 families belong to tribal community, others belong to OBC community. In the year 2006 when SUPPORT staff entered first time in this tola it was totally disconnected from outer world as there was no electricity, absence of any connecting road to the town and the tola was neglected by government officials. There was absence of basic amenities like drinking water facility, medical and educational facilities etc. in the tola. People use to fetch drinking water from the small stream which was the only source of water. In the absence of irrigation facility farmers could cultivated only paddy in the kharif season and their land remained fallow for rest of the year, people used to go for wage labour and for illegal coal mining to earn their livelihood. In order to organize the community for their betterment 1 SHG was promoted by the staff of SUPPORT in the year 2006 in which women of 18 families have taken membership and started to save small amount of money through that SHG. As promotion of that SHG was the first step towards the rise of people in that tola so they named it as ‘Nav Jagiriti Mahila Vikas Sangh’. In the year 2010, 1 dug well to avail drinking water and a pond for irrigation purpose were constructed in the tola by SUPPORT. This small help motivated the farmers to move towards agriculture and 5 farmers have cultivated potato during Rabi season. Their keen interest towards agriculture helped them in getting 1 more irrigation pond in the year 2011 from SUPPORT. During the year 2012 with intensive effort of staffs 30 farmers have cultivated paddy with SRI technique and for the first time Kharif tomato was cultivated by 8 farmers in small patches of 5- 10 decimal land. The value of total sale was around Rs. 31000/- against the total investment of Rs. 4230/-. Taking this experience, total 30 farmers have cultivated tomato in kharif season during financial year 2013-14. They have earned a total amount of Rs. 3,97,000/- by selling tomato in wholesale market. Collective marketing was practiced for the first time to sell tomato. This created such a positive energy in the villagers that they have taken ought that not a single family will left behind in tomato cultivation from next kharif season. They have started cultivating watermelon in the fields on stream side from last rabi season. Now the villagers say that they don’t need to go out in search of their livelihood. They have found their livelihood in their fields only.

Ranjit Tigga, Horticulture - Alternative source of livelihood :
son of late Mr. Saniyal Tigga, who lives with his wife and two sons in Potmo village of Ango panchayat of Churchu block was a poor farmer. Though he had 5 acre of land he was unable to cultivate in most part of his land as his land is in the hilly reason. He used to generate just enough food grains and vegetables from which he was able to support basic needs of his family and had to take loan from money lenders as he was unable to generate enough from his cultivation for the whole year. When SUPPORT entered in the area with NHM project he got selected as one of its beneficiary. He was being provided with 250 mango plants and 25 lichi plants through Agriculture and Sugarcane Development Department and National Horticulture Mission in the year 2006-07 and also received proper training as to how to take care of the plants to help plants to survive and also to take maximum benefit from the plants while maintaining the good health of the plants. These plants have grown into fruit bearing trees and with passing of each year he is able to generate more and more output from the plants and he is now able to generate surplus income of about RS. 45,000 to 50,000 per annum.With the help of this surplus income he is now able to pay for his sons’ school fees and also invest in agriculture and generate surplus food grains and vegetables. He is now also planning to have more fruit plants through different sources or even through his own investment. He is no longer dependent on the money lender for any kind of emergency need of money as he has now opened a bank a/c where he deposits his surplus income as his saving and uses it whenever he is in need of it.

Santhal MVS Chanaro, We organize to lead our village: Santhal MVS, Chanaro :
Four years ago, few tribal dominated communities in the village of Chanaro had taken initiative to organize them in a group for reducing financial dependency on externals and they had formed “Santhal MVS” comprising with 11 women from such marginalized families. They have very less productive land and paddy land and most of lands are fellow uplands which provide low productivity, less irrigation and less income. After associating with SUPPORT, they had got various capacity building training, exposure to bring positive interest towards improve agriculture, improve variety pig production and lac production. After last two years participation in livelihood program, they have lot of experience to generate cash income and its potentials within existing resources. In the year of 2015, families of Santhal MVS had planned to cultivate tomato commercially through maintaining POP and all the cost of such cultivation had incurred by the SHG itself through rolling the idle cash of SHG. They had taken 2.5 acres of degraded fellow land beside Panchayet office for kharif tomato cultivation and after ensuring all the steps, they had earned more than 85000/- income as a group. It not only helps to reinforce cash earnings through women initiatives, it hammers the patriarchy community to acknowledge women participation in agriculture and it also helps other SHG, farmer to motivate aground agriculture. This Santhal MVS have also ensured summer crop of Bottle gourd of 1.7 acres of land from the seepage well that they had execute at their own initiates from planning to labor mobilization, materials purchased, cash transaction, quality ensuring etc within stipulated time. From this summer crop, they are estimated to earn about 50000/- more cash income as a group and this SHG is going to establish an inspiration to the other community.

Sangeeta Soren, Inspiring life through Rural scientific Technology :
This is an inspiring story of Mrs.Sangeeta Soren wife of Mr.Raj Hembrom of Simra village of Ramgarh district. This tribal village is five km. from Mandu and is blessed with Kusum, Plash, Bair and other forest trees. Sixty years ago people in this village were engaged with Lac cultivation, but they stopped doing it due to lack of awareness about scientific method of cultivation and pest attack on Lac insects.
SUPPORT had started its intervention in the village with Lac cultivation in the year 2010. Her SHG RangoliMahilaVikasSangh, came into contact with the organization’s Lac cultivation expert in a 13 days training of the farmers. Both Sangeeta and her husband had attended the training programme. On December 2014 she had applied 20 kgs of brood lac on her 10 Kusum and Bair trees. She had taken a loan from her SHG to purchase the brood lac. By the end of six month she was able to harvest 48 kgs of brood lac out of which she sold 23 kgs and earned Rs. 4,000/- and she kept rest for cultivating. In 2015 again earned 8,000/- from cultivation of lac.
Presently she is doing Lac cultivation with the help of MKSP which promotes 100% scientific cultivation. With this additional income she is now able to afford quality education for her children and their health and economic condition has also improved. She has become a role model in her SHG and village.
“पैसेदेकरकोईभीअपंगबनासकताहैं, लेकिनसपोर्टनेजोहमेंतकनीकदीहैं, वहहमारीजिंदगीभरसाथदेगी।जरूरतसिर्फहमारीमेहनतकीहैजबमेहनतऔरतकनीकसाथमेजुड़जातीहैतोकोईभीपेड़सेआजीविकाकमासकताहैं।“ – Sangeeta Soren

PURNI DEVI, Tree Generate money :
Purni Devi, a marginalized women belongs to schedule cast, resides at Kajri village with her husband and two children. Major livelihood of this family depends on kharif agriculture in small land holdings and lac cultivation, a forest based livelihood. She is a member of Laxmi MVS and Anjana Mahila Gram Sangathan. From last two years, this family had been associated with SUPPORT and she had availed different livelihood trainings at village level. But she is somehow shows interest to grow lac cultivation and facilitate her family counterparts to the same.
Last year, Purni Devi had done lac cultivation at her own plants in forest and earned 120 Kg of brood lac and after selling the lac, she had got around 15000/- at a time and it has reinforce her confidence in lac cultivation. In the very next year, she was very interested to hasten her coverage with convincing other SHG members to have such initiative jointly in the plants available in the nearest forest. So, she and her SHG members had covered more than 35 kusum plants and maintaining the POP of lac inoculation, they have inoculated around 3.5 quintal of lac. Medicine spray of Bombart and Bavisting after 321 days of inoculation, have been ensured by the Purni Devi. This year she had sold 2.5 quintal of brood lac to the other local farmer @ 110/- per Kg and she had earned 27500/- from such selling. On the other hand, she has again inoculated 55 Kg of brood lac in the January cycle for enhancing her production and establishing her dedication and involvement in such income generation option. Now she and her husband are now admired as a lead lac grower and also technical person who can assist & inspired other community towards adopting such lac promotion activity as livelihood option.

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