How We Do..?

SUPPORT believes that without community participation not a single activity sustain for long term. To ensure community participation we form, strengthen and nurture SHGs, village organizations, farmers clubs, water user groups, cooperative, federations and producer groups within the boundary of villages. Before initiating any project we form village level organizations and mobilize community to take up livelihood activities. We also ensure that whether the livelihood plan is suitable to the context to fulfill the need of the community. In the inception of the project we are engaged in preparation of specific livelihood plan according to the community, area and available natural resources. For doing this SHG livelihood plan, baseline survey, resource mapping, social mapping, FGD, PRA, problem analyses are done. During the project period we strengthen and build the capacity of village level organizations up to the extent so that they can take up and manage all the assets created during the project period and take charge for their own development. In implementation of the project SHGs are engaged in different livelihood activities with special focus on improved agriculture practices, horticultural activities, land and water development, dissemination of best practices. We work in collaboration with various stakeholders like financial institutions, government departments, technical institutions, agriculture universities, veterinary collages etc. to ensure better support from these institutions for improving the living standard of the community in sustainable mode. For social monitoring on monthly basis village level cluster meeting are organized round the year for review and monitoring the progress of various projects. We also ensure that every day community can enhance their knowledge and learning about various livelihoods and this way finally reach the level where they can manage and maintain their livelihoods by their own. After completion of project tenure finally all the assets and livelihood supported activities are handed over to the community and we phase out from the project villages.

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