Support Guiding Principle

The organization follows the core principles of Equality, Justice, Peace and Fraternity. We believe in collective wisdom of the people of the area which comes up with best solutions. The organization primarily works to increase the role of local area institutions by empowering up their skills, capacity and orientation for equal contribution to the society. SUPPORT nurture potentials and capabilities of the marginalized section and endeavor to link with credit and work with them for realizing and optimally utilizing their potential for holistic development. We are working with the deprived groups in most remote locations and our initiatives are based on the local conditions and people's need to help them overcome the precarious conditions and build up local initiatives to promote fraternity and ethical values for a peaceful value based society.

As a rural development organization, SUPPORT's activities must be carried out for the public benefit. This report outlines specific activities – based on our 2013-14 plan and strategy – which were undertaken for this purpose during the financial year ended 31 March 2014 under four priorities:

  • Evidence of real change for rural farmers and youths,
  • Transformed support to women empowerment,
  • Providing better livelihood support to rural poor and socially backwarded family, &
  • Being an inspiring and effective organization.

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